Friday, September 24, 2010

No costumes for my kid

Being that my sister's family is so into Halloween costumes, I usually find myself thinking of what to dress up as quite a long time before October rolls around.  The other day, we tried to get Gavin to try on a costume and he just wasn't having it.  We got out pictures of other people wearing the costume, we tried bribing with candy, but with no luck.  You'd think we were breaking the kid's arm, the way he was screaming.  I've been asking him for a few weeks now if he wanted to be Buddy, the Dinosaur (from Dinosaur Train) or if he wanted to be a dragon, or a variety of other random things.  Every time I ask, he says, 'No, I'm Gavin'.  I even asked, 'Do you want to be a Gavin Dinosaur?' and he still yells no. 

So I've been trying to brainstorm simple dress-up ideas that he might like.  I really think he could be okay with being a train conductor, since he's so obsessed with trains.  However, he refuses to try the hat on.  And yes, I know it's only Sept 24th and we still have a month to find something, but I'm afraid that we might not have a costumed kid this year.  Most parents would be happy about this, but I'm sad we don't get to use one of the amazing costumes my bro-in-law has made. Any suggestions?  I'm getting kinda bummed out.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Feet

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hooray for Summer!

We got Lagoon passes again this year and it's already been a blast. I absolutely love this cute little messy face! 
We took two nieces and a nephew with us to Lagoon a Beach and then met up with my sister's family for more rides.  As many times we've been to this place, we still manage to have so much fun.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello out there...

Time for a blog post:

I haven't been taking very many pictures lately.  We've been busy with yardwork and playing with family and friends but sadly, no pics.  Oh well. Maybe this weekend we'll take a few snapshots.

Just wanted to check in and say that I am so happy to be a mom.  I'm happy to be a woman and happy to be surrounded by so much creativity and goodness.  I'm in a good place today and wanted to record it for those days that aren't so good.

Hope you're in a good place, too!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just a quick one

Just a quick post to say how nice it is to have friends.  They make me smile.  Friends who live close, friends who live far away.  Friends who just happen to be family, too.  Such a good thing to have friends!

Thank you to my friends!

Friday, February 12, 2010

One day at a time

Recently, I came across a blog that made me really sad. It was a mother's blog and I happened upon a recent post of her 8-week old baby that had contracted RSV along with a few other ailments and passed away at Primary Children's. First, let me clarify, I'm not a blog-stalker. She was a friend of a friend, which makes it a little better. Anyway, I spent a considerable amount of time reading her daily updates and when it came to the very end, I could really feel the change that was taking place in their family. It was a beautiful record, eloquent and sacred. It was amazing how the spirit came over me while I was reading her account. It made me want to grab my baby and never let him go.

Aside from the obvious thought that I would never be able to handle something like that without some serious medication, it really made me start to ponder my life.

As a parent, I think I have become a little crazy about worrying what could happen. There are so many people going through so many heartbreaking things with their children right now, and here I am, with my perfect little munchkin, taking advantage of the moments we have together. I feel so ungrateful for all my blessings. For my family who lives so close and are so willing to take care of us at any time. For my friends and neighbors who help keep me grounded and provide much-needed therapy. For my wonderful husband who I often forget is only human. But especially for a wonderful Father in Heaven who has blessed me with so much. If I let myself imagine how bad things could be for us, it just depresses me and I get all anxious and upset. I really need to do a better job of just being happy with how good things are for us. Just relax and take one day at a time...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Secrets of Seasonal Sales

(Borrowed from one of my favorite websites '')

"As a coupon'er/bargain shopper over 13 years, I've discovered (and you may have, too) that coupons and sales run in seasonal cycles. Here's a comprehensive guide to cracking the what and when is on sale. It may be a repeat for some, but I believe it is worth repeating. Hope it helps!

Seasonal Sales Cycles

JANUARY - Historically, Quaker has hot deals on cereal/all items. We see Pepsi/Tostitos go on sale mid-January (again, rebates abound for these). Other items of note this time of year are chili, side dishes, anything for hearty/warm meals.
• Post-Holiday Sales
• White Sales
• Sports and Weight Loss Equipment
• Computers
• Winter Apparel and Accessories
· Organizers, Rubbermaid totes, shelf organizers, planners, filing cabinets

FEBRUARY – many of the same food items as January
• Electronics
• Floor Coverings
• Housewares
• Furniture
• Candy and Chocolates

MARCH - Frozen food month. You'll find many stores are offering free freezers or fill-a-bag deals. Between March and April, look for spring cleaning deals, so many cleaner items will be on sale. With Easter, looks for eggs, ham, Kraft products to cycle into good sales. Paper products like towels, napkins, plates are starting to come on strong. Beverage items.
• Spring Apparel and Accessories
• Winter Sports Equipment
• Gardening Supplies
• Luggage

• Spring Apparel and Accessories
• Coats and Hats
• Paint
• Wallpaper
• Jewish Foods and Eggs

get ready for summer! Here come loads of deals on BBQ sauce, frozen veggies, baked beans, and condiments of all kinds, summer-time meats (ribs, hotdogs, and ground beef). Also with all the holidays, look for tons of paper goods that match the holiday and pick them up after clearance. These deals generally continue through September!
• White Sale - Linens and Towels
• Spring Cleaning Supplies
• Auto Maintenance
• Home Maintenance
• Sodas & Bottled Water, Hotdogs, Hamburger Meat, Condiments, Paper & Plastic plates & cups
* Raid/Off bug repellents and sunscreens

• Summer Apparel and Accessories
• Pianos
• Television Sets
• Building Materials and Hardware
• Dairy Products

• Air Conditioners
• Summer Sports Equipment
• Sportswear
• Craft Supplies
• Sodas, Hotdogs, Hamburger Meat, Condiments

• White Sale - Linen and Towels
• BBQ and Patio Equipment
• Back to School Supplies
• Bathing Suits
• Fresh Fish and Vegetables
• Breakfast foods (Cold cereal-Juice-Waffles-etc)
• Cold lunch items for in lunch boxes

SEPTEMBER - back to school; time to fill up on snacks! Pudding cups, Capri suns, fruit snacks, cereal sales start up hard again, peanut butter/jelly. Also, like clockwork, there will be Prego coupons in August, and plan on getting lots and using them in a hurry before they expire in September when the spaghetti sauce goes on sale. Sauce wars between Ragu and Prego this month. Campbell’s soups will go on as well and there will be coupons in the end of August for these as well. Lunchables are on sale this time of year, too.
• Back to School Supplies and Apparel
• Gardening Supplies
• Housewares
• Bicycles
• Canned Goods

OCTOBER - Stock up on holiday foods – Stove Top, turkey, instant mashed potatoes, broth, cranberries, marshmallow, ice cream, pie shells, whipped cream, pudding. Look for great Kraft deals again this time of year. Piggyback those Kraft coupons when you can. Crackers are a biggie - going on for $1 or less a box. Lots of extra deals like $ off cheese WYB crackers. The real kicker is the after Christmas food deals! Save your coupons because pie fixings, fried onion, broth and canned green beans will be on deep discount. I got those onions for .50 a can, normally almost $4. These generally continue through December.
• Cars
• Houses
• Fishing Equipment
• Crystal, Silver, and Glassware
• Candy
· Baking/candy-making items (choc chips, sprinkles, vanilla, corn syrup, nuts, etc)

• Winter Apparel and Accessories
• Quilts and Blankets
• Heating Devices
• Turkey, Sweet Potatoes
• Canned goods (soup, chicken broth, condensed milk, veggies etc)
• Baking goods

• Toys
• Gift Items
• Party ware
• Post-Holiday Sales
• Party Foods, Baking Goods, and Various Meat
• Canned goods (broth, soups, etc)

Year-round after a holiday, you can always pick up cheap cookie dough and any food related to a holiday.

Continual sales are candy, popcorn, chips, anything snacky, cereal (heavier in the fall/winter, but still around in the spring).
Frozen food sales seem to centralize on a brand and the switch brands the next month. I think the manufacturers buy slot time for sales. So last month, Stouffers was on sale hard, now lean cuisine is. Save the entire frozen coupon and then keep checking back for the brand of the month.

Frozen pizzas go on sale in the fall and then again the spring; not often in the summer because people don't want to turn their ovens on in the summer.

By all means, this isn't everything that you can get on sale, but if you follow the cycle and stock up (I never buy BBQ sauce in the winter), then you can get where you have enough on hand and only need to refill when the items are in season. The result is that you spend less and less with each successful cycle.


Sources: Various numerous sites on the internet over years of time from an obsessive compulsive cpn-er"

Thought everyone could use these helpful hints.